Learjet 20 Hushkit

Alloy Aerospace Inc. is now offering the AAI Learjet 20 Series Hushkit.

                               Contact Lin Roberts  (661) 878 4086    LinLR20hushkit4U@aol.com

Alloy Aerospace is pleased to offer the best solution to have your Learjet comply with the new CFR 91.881.  
The AAI Learjet Series 20 Hushkit complies with Stage 3 noise regulation and brings the Learjet 23, 24 &25 series aircraft into full compliance.   

How it works:

The system is a double daisy configuration utilizing an eight lobe daisy nozzle to replace the existing tailpipe with the fairing installed over and beyond the aft end of the daisy nozzle.   The hushkit installation requires removal of the tail pipe and thrust reversers only and results in a slight overall weight advantage.  Installation takes just 3-7 days depending on experience level and aircraft nacelle conditions. 

Reduced cost while maintaining compliance:

Priced significantly lower than the advertised price of AAI’s competitor, AAI President Mark
 Rooke contributes this to having the experience of producing these kits for years and has gained efficiencies in manufacturing that result in lower production cost that he can pass on to his customers.  Those kits were produced and sold under Aviation Equipment, Inc. AEI which Alloy Aerospace purchased in 2012.

"We are committed to supporting the 20 series aircraft well into the future" Rooke stated.  Having installed the kit on his company aircraft and operating it for seven years, he understands the added benefit of having a quieter cabin...first hand. 

North Hollywood, California based Alloy Aerospace, Inc. is a premier Thrust Reverser and Hushkit manufacturer.   AAI is proudly carrying on the 30 year legacy of its predecessor Aviation Equipment, Inc.   

To place an order and to secure a production slot, 
contact Lin Roberts (661) 878 4086  AAI main office (818) 982 6700 

N726WR with hushkit installed under Aviation Equipment, Inc. STC No. ST00462LA, 
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