Alloy Aerospace's facilities are a modern 15,000 square feet ‘under roof’ plant located in an industrial area of North Hollywood which is part of the greater Los Angeles County.   Our approved vendor and supplier portfolio, along with our access to the experienced and certified aerospace workforce within the Southern California region, supports our company's ability to meet the requirements for the future. 

Why California, you might ask?   Our history is tied to the dynamic aerospace history within the southern California area. Reaching back to the earliest days of aircraft production in the 1920s and 1930s, WWII aircraft war production, and beginning in the 1960s the development and expansion into commercial air transportation... the southern California area has been the world leader for innovation, productivity, and quality to the aerospace industry.

What does the future look like?

All current data along with our view of past cycles within our industry confirm a dynamic new era of expansion in the commercial air transport industry unparalleled with past expansions. Boeing has forecast a production requirement of 33,000 new commercial aircraft from all manufacturers over the next 11 years!  The dynamic demand for new aircraft will include regional aircraft, narrow body aircraft and wide body aircraft with total production revenue of four trillion dollars.   It is our belief that Alloy Aerospace's position within the Southern California aerospace region will again be a critical part of this next expansion.
Map to Alloy Aerospace, Inc. 

Alloy Aerospace, Inc.
  6921 Farmdale Avenue
 North Hollywood, CA  91605
 Tel (818) 982-6700

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