About Us

Alloy Aerospace, Inc.  is a company specializing in the supply of equipment and services to the commercial aerospace industry.    We are a manufacturer of aircraft assemblies, sub-assemblies and components including engine exhaust, thrust reverser systems, engine inlet and engine cowling.   Our numerous FAA/ PMA products have been operating with the world’s commercial airlines for more than thirty years.    We are committed to keep pace with the demands of our customers’ requirements and through good communications our goal is to run and maintain production quantities for the items with frequent and routine usage.

Our manufacturing history and experience with production and post-production manufacturing programs includes:

 Noise suppression systems

• Exhaust and tailpipe systems

• Exhaust system, Thrust reverser, Engine inlet, Cowling, Lip Skins, Doors, Door Skins, Winglets

• Manufacture of hard Tooling and fixture for our production.

• Fuel savings programs.

• Aerospace welding including high temperature materials.

• FAA/PMA certifications and approvals


Alloy Aerospace, Inc.
  6921 Farmdale Avenue
  North Hollywood, CA  91605
  Tel (818) 982-6700

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